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Beijing capital airport international express center and freight terminal

Beijing Air China domestic freight terminal

Beijing Air China cargo terminal (domestic terminal)

Beijing Air China ground service special vehicle maintenance and training base

Hohhot baita airport

Shenzhen baoan airport information command building staff canteen

Shaanxi yulin airport terminal

Tengchong hump airport in yunnan

Xiamen flight simulator training center

Research and development building of avic aviation engine base in Beijing

Hunan hengyang nanyue airport terminal

Nantong xingdong airport terminal

Henan shenhang kai forest base

Hunan hengyang nanyue airport terminal

Erdos police apron in Inner Mongolia

Ulanqab terminal in Inner Mongolia

Qinghai huatugou airport terminal

Shenzhen donghai aviation administrative office building

Xiamen air cargo building

Shenzhen airport emergency rescue warehouse

Capital airport air express

Shenzhen airlines expansion project

Gansu jiayuguan airport

Commercial renovation of guangzhou airport terminal building

Chaoshan airport

Gansu zhangye airport

Inner Mongolia bayannur civil airport

Yunnan diqing airport

Beijing civil aircraft research center (xiaotangshan comac)

Chaoshan jieyang airport

Terminal 2 of chengdu shuangliu international airport

Zunyi airport in guizhou province

Shenzhen baoan airport GTC center

China commercial aircraft research and development center

Shunyi airport express center warehouse

Hangar of shenzhen donghai aviation industry center

Daocheng yading airport in sichuan

Sichuan kangding airport