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TYLD-G16 Wardrobe
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Product details 

TYLD fire power linkage control cabinet is mainly used to provide uninterrupted power for automatic tracking jet fire extinguishing system. By receiving the alarm signal of the fire extinguishing device, alarm and pump start are conducted, and information storage, display and printing are conducted for the working status of the fire extinguishing device. And can control the fire extinguishing device, implement the automatic manual function switch of the system. The models are: tyld-g16, tyld-q08, tyld-q08a and tyld-t8, among which tyld-q08 and tyld-q08a are equipped with video image display function on site, and the fire extinguishing device can be operated by image.


Performance feature

=Can control 16 partitions
=Manual and automatic start and stop control of water pump
=Power consumption: 40W 
=Rated input voltage: AC220V, the voltage range is 160 ~ 276V
=Operating temperature: 0°C ~ 40°C, relative humidity: 5%~95% no condensation